Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 365

'Day 365'

 For a year I took each day a picture.
Some pictures are better than other pictures. 
Some are what we call snapshots.
Some were black and white. 
Some days were easy...
Some days were hard to come up with a picture.
Some pictures are very special, I would not have taken without this project.
Through all pictures I gave you each day a peek into my life.


ps, this was my third '365 days' project. My plan is to start another year after a little break.
On my main blog I will make an announcement when I start 'Lucy's 365 days IV'



Jeanneke said...

Je hebt het geweldig gedaan, Lucy! Het was een plezier je te volgen.
Ik ga weer mee op je nieuwe dagelijkse fototour.


Madeline said...

I just love your blog Lucy! All your wonderful photos and your inspirational handwork. Thank you so much for sharing. Come back soon. Xx

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and all your beautiful photos. You are a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for taking the time every day to take a photo. Ann xx

Mariazalée said...

Bravo pour cette année de photos, Lucy! J'ai eu un immense plaisir à me promener avec toi! Je me réjouis déjà de la suite...

Leratdesfils said...

Merci pour ces moments partagés.
A bientôt !

Anna said...

Thank you for your commitment over the past 365 days. A work of love.

Raewyn said...

It's been great to see your world through your phtographs, Lucy.... I look forward to seeing more when you start up again :-)

{Geo}Holly said...

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." (John Keats) Your picture blogs are a thing of beauty. I enjoy every visit. Looking forward to your next 365 :-)

Sally Langston Warren said...

I don't get to read your blog everyday, but when I do, I end up looking back and catching up with your photos and comments. I enjoy it all, your quilts, countryside, knitting, family, home, and the sweet Guinea pigs. Thank you so much for the effort you put into each posting. You inspire more people than you can imagine! Yes, it does make your life look like a magazine, all pretty and perfect, but that is okay. We all have our difficulties but like to focus on the beauty each day brings. That is what you do. My sweet daughter (Annie Jane, 16 yrs) has two Guinea pigs now. She takes loving care of them. She has had others in the past. We are in awe that your daughter has kept hers for so long and wonder what her secret is. Ours are fed alfalfa hay, Guinea pig food, and orange slices, lettuce, green bell peppers and water. And carrots. Is that what yours get? Love their happy sounds and their sweet mouths! Take care.

Sharon said...

Congratulations! I have loved every picture. Sometimes it is hard but It's always worth the effort. You inspire me more than I could write here. I look forward to your fourth year of pictures after your well-deserved break.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lucy for another year filled with your inspiring photographs, beautiful knitting, garden and family,(including the cutest guinea pigs ever! So many of your pictures have brightened my days, inspired me, made me think or connected me to a world outside my own life. Each day has truly been a gift. I am so thankful that I found your blog. I love your pictures of architecture, especially the windmills; all so different from my life here in California. The wooly sheep, Scottish cattle, beautiful and spunky birds in your garden and shore birds and precious guinea pigs inspire me to see the natural beauty around me that I had forgotten to appreciate. I hope to make a quilt like one of yours in the coming year; your color palette is scrumptious! Thank you so very, very much for all of the thought, energy, talent, heart, dedication you've put into each and every day of the past three years. Please rest, enjoy a well deserved break and when the time is right, please come back to us. Until then, your main blog will keep us connected so we know you are happy and well.
Sending good wishes your way,
Barbara in the San Francisco Bay Area

Supergoof said...

van elke foto heb ik genoten.
Omdat het zo'n mooie plaatjes zijn van het leven van alledag.

frameless mind said...

Echt knap dat je dit al voor het derde jaar volbracht hebt. Het is door jou dat ik er ook ooit aan begonnen ben. En als ik zie wat die foto's nu voor mij betekenen dan kan ik jou als inspiratiebron alleen maar ontzettend dankbaar zijn!
Geniet van een welverdiende pauze maar ik zal stiekem toch héél blij zijn als ik weer dagelijks bij je op bezoek kan komen!

Phyllis said...

Zo jammer dat het weer afgelopen is en zo blij dat je besloten hebt dit weer te gaan doen. Je foto's zijn vaak prachtig, lief, ontroerend en ook wel eens heel herkenbaar (oh ja, dat weer, die regen etc. etc.) . Ik kijk iedere dag uit naar je foto, hoort bij mijn ochtendritueel, kopje koffie (heel vroeg bij ons), Onno met zijn IPad tegenover me, ik met de laptop, eerst naar jouw foto (van de dag ervoor) en dan het nieuws van de dag.
Ik bewonder je oog, je technische kunnen, je smaak, je creativiteit, je sfeer.
Dit jaar was weer een waar genoegen, ik heb er echt van genoten.
Dank je wel voor 365 bijzondere momenten, heel vroeg in de ochtend.

Breienmaar said...

Ik kan me alleen maar bij de rest aansluiten! Ik heb weer genoten, weer een jaar met mooie ontroerende foto's gezien. En ik ben heel blij dat je doorgaat :)
Sterker nog ik ben er zelf ook mee begonnen; ) niet heel bijzonder ik heb geen idee van foto's maken , maar omdat ik wegens chronische ziekte veel thuis doorbreng is het weleens goed wat meer mijn blik naar buiten te richten ;)

helen said...

Thank you, Lucy, for your beautiful pictures!
I loved looking at them and am looking forward your next
365 days whenever you decide to start.
Best wishes!

Eileen said...

Thank you Lucy, your post are a pleasure to read and a privilege to be allowed a glimpse into your life.! Not always an easy thing to do for me, [ I am rethinking blog, Facebook and Instagram exposure. Have not come to any decision yet]. Enjoy your time away from 365.
Take care of yourself.

Gerdine said...

De afgelopen 365 dagen erg genoten van je mooie en sfeervolle plaatjes en blij te lezen dat je ermee doorgaat! Ik ga er weer net zo van genieten als de afgelopen drie edities!

Rhodesia said...

I am thinking a break is a good idea, after 3 years plus without a break I am loosing my interest! See you when you return, Diane

CountryMum said...

Well done!! I have thoroughly enjoyed your year of photos. Enjoy the break, and I look forward to you returning.

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

Congratulations! I have loved seeing your photos every day! It is a gift to your readers, but also to yourself. You have a wonderful world, Lucy!

quilting Jeannet said...

Altijd leuk om even bij je "binnen"te kijken Lucy en je mooie sfeer te mogen ervaren.

Jody said...

It feels so promising! Camera looks at me and say: "I'll do a lot of beautiful photos!" :)

Baby Einstein said...

Sticking with this project took commitment from you

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