My equipment

Nikon D90
Nikon D7100
35mm f1.8
50mm f1.8
85mm f1.8 D
wide angle, 12-24 mm.
tele lens, 70-300 mm.

Compact camera: Lumix LX 5

1 comment:

Leslie said...

Lucy, I like your pictures--they tell something about you -- you are an honest, warm and caring person. What you see in the world around you shows what you care about. Also, you don't just "take" pictures but you "Make" pictures. For me, when you care about your subject, the light, the composition, your camera settings so that they capture all these things that your mind, your eyes and your spirit sees; then you are making a picture not just taking one.

Since I met you and your wonderful husband, I know this is true--you are amazing!!

Your friend from Utah, Dennis