Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 319

Last spring I showed you pictures of a Wren couple in my garden.
Well since the leaves are fallen I can finally take a look at their nest. 
It is so well hidden in this bush against our garage. I would love to take a look inside. I now a female wren can make it soft with moss and feathers. I'm hesitate to ruin it. 



Rhodesia said...

Lucky you to have the wrens. They may just return to the nest if you leave it alone. Diane

susie said...

I dunno...I think, I would explore it. Reason being...insects of not the wanted kind will take it over.

Phyllis said...

Ik zou het met rust laten, is hun huisje. Wij hebben nog een nest van haagmusjes (of zo) in de klimop haag zitten, vind het zo knap hoe ze dat gemaakt hebben. Ze zijn nooit meer terug geweest, dat zal niet iedere soort doen, maar toch, ik laat het maar met rust.

Doniene said...

I always find it interesting to see how birds make their nests! They are very industrious little creatures!