Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 288

DD3 is doing a project for school. She gives up added sugar in food for one month.
We support her as family. 
It takes a lot of time to read all the labels of products at the supermarket. 
However we avoid processed food for years and I know that sugar is added in most food.
  I'm still surprised.



liliane bral said...

Mijn dochter heeft het ook gedaan dit jaar. Ze heeft volgehouden en voelde zich er erg goed bij. Nadien terug de oude gewoontes! Succes!

Anonymous said...

Well done. Hannah is also very conscious of sugar. We never eat processed food, we are fortunate where we live we have good access to fresh ingredients and many organic fruit and vegetables. It is really good at her age and Hannah's to be conscious of what food they eat.

Phyllis said...

I know, it is so strange. You think you eat healthy when something says 0% fat and then it contains (much?) sugar. Or things like that....Like you we watch what we eat, both the types of food and the contents and so does Eline. Haven't opened up a can of soup in years for instance, so easy and nicer to make your own. Hey, great idea for the weekend lunch!
Good luck with the project/pws and the exams!

Anonymous said...

Ik heb het ook eens gedaan, wat is het moeilijk! Suiker zit in tomatensaus, gepelde tomaten, zelfs in spek, in granen, in sommige broden... Maar het was echt boeiend om te doen, succes ermee!