Saturday, October 3, 2015

Day 257

I was standing along the line of the hockey field to watch my daughter play. The weather was nice and sunny. No need for my cowl. 



Madeline said...

Lucy, you are a genius to have knitted that cowl. I love it.

Phyllis said...

Same here, hockey mum yesterday, drove Eline and a few girls of her team to the away game in Schoonhoven and had a lovely walk there (such a pretty small town) during the game (only watched the 2nd half). It was a lovely afternoon. And I love, love that scarf.... think I need a few lessons.....;-)

Evelyne said...

Wat een prachtige col, heb je die zelf gebreid!!??
"jaloers" makend zo moooooi.

lieve groetjes,

Anonymous said...

I love your cowl, you have many talents Lucy.

{having my} druthers said...

i think i probably would have worn it anyways. just because. ;)

Sharon said...

I love that cowl! It's good to see it in use, or not in use as the case may be!