Sunday, August 9, 2015

Day 203

'Le petit Prince' in Icelandic.
I was thrilled to find this book at the airport in Keflavik on our way home. 
I collect this book in different languages since I was 16. It is translated in more than 160 languages.
Now I can add an Icelandic version to my collection. 

The skein wool is from Hélène Magnuson. It is lovely a lovely soft Icelandic lambswool.



frameless mind said...

Hoe bijzonder is dit en hoe blij ben je dan als er weer zo'n boekje aan de collectie toegevoegd kan worden!

Mariazalée said...

Quelle jolie collection, je trouve ça génial!
Et avec cette laine, de doux souvenirs d'Islande!

Doniene said...

How many do you have in your collection? What a great thing to collect!

Phyllis said...

Echt? Wat bijzonder!