Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day 198


One more time the Majestic Gullfoss.
No picture can describe the beauty of it. You have to hear the massive water what is coming down. 
and feel it in your body. 

We stayed close to this waterfall for two weeks in a lovely warm cabin. 
Tomorrow we are heading home.
We drove miles and miles on Iceland's beautiful roads, along Icelandic horses, sheep, mosses, waterfalls, mountains,volcanos and the coast. (without seeing any traffic light)
I took a lot of pictures and I could even take more.... 
I enjoyed every minute of
Iceland, a land of unspoiled nature. 



Anonymous said...

What a wonderful holiday Lucy.

quilting Jeannet said...

Ik heb genoten van je foto,s Lucy, kan me de sfeer helemaal voorstellen, het lijkt me daar zo ongelofelijk rustig en geweldig.Mooie ervaring.

Phyllis said...

It is wonderous to see and must be awesome to experience when you are there. Sounds like you had a superb time in this special place.