Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 138

In this 'bush' against the garage have a Winterkoninkje (Eurasian Wren) couple their nest.

Actually, the nest is build about a month ago. A wren came on and on with leaves.  And then it was quiet.......
I searched on the internet for more information and I found out that the male build about 6 nests in his territory. Then he is going to search for a wife.
He shows her all the nests he made and she makes a choice.  
His wife makes inside the nest comfortable with feathers etc, 
That's a sweet story hè :-) 
But then.....
as soon as his wife is on her eggs the male wren is going to find another wife. And he shows that wife the other 5 nests he builded and so on. Sometimes a male Wren has 4 wives on a nest in his territory!

I think  I have one of them in my garden in this 'bush' 

The male wren makes a pass at a female with his most beautiful singing.
and believe me, he is doing that with whole his heart. I never realized that this little tiny bird could sing that loud!  (click and listen)

He wakes me up early in the morning  (5.10 am)
And he is singing the whole day long. 

Today I tried to take a nice picture of him.. 
That isn't easy because he is very fast.
(looks like a mouse moving but then in the air)

It looks like he is 'screaming'

First soft and gentle
and then exposed with his whole body.

Finally her is a picture with his beak closed and his tail proud in the air.

This little tiny bird amazed me :-)



Anonymous said...

What a lovely fascinating post Lucy. Your photos are amazing and really capture the beauty of these tiny birds.

Phyllis said...

Wat een apart leventje, heel bijzonder! Je foto's zijn prachtig, dat zal wat geduld gevraagd hebben om mijnheertje zo goed vast te kunnen leggen! Hij doet inderdaad enorm zijn best, moet toch lukken om z'n harem compleet te krijgen!

CountryMum said...

What a wonderful post. I didn't know that about wrens, but I do know they are really hard to photograph. They are so quick and never stand still for very long. You have done well"

liliane bral said...

Wat een leuke weetjes vertel je hier over het Winterkoninkje. Je hebt deze Don Juan goed weten vast te leggen!