Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 13

TtV photography   (<-click)

Today was a nice day to grab my gear for TtV photography.  (<-click) It is really fun to do. 
You have to be very creative to take a picture with this, because what you see through the viewfinder is mirror-image and it has a kind of fish-eye effect. Very different as 'normal' camera's
Since I like being creative is this kind of photography attractive to me. I would love to take a picture of a wedding-couple when they are on the move.  I bet the pictures will be surprising. 
Some people think that it is easier to create this effect with Photoshop. It is easier but you'll miss the creativity of this whole set-up.

My gear for TtV photgraphy

and a picture of the set up.



Anonymous said...

You are extremely talented and creative Lucy. Wonderful photo and I hope you get to take photos at a wedding one day.

Anonymous said...

I like it :0) mari

Phyllis said...

I admire you, this looks complicated, but with lovely results!

liliane bral said...

Wat een leuke foto is het geworden. Fijn dat je er de laatste 2 foto's bij gezet hebt. Ze maken veel duidelijk.